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Our Courses

Our courses are delivered by our team of subject matter experts. 

Each course is regulated and monitored to make sure our clients get the best experience from their training. 

We come to you

We come to you to provide our training which means your course is delivered at your workplace so your training is relevant to your surroundings and team  



All of courses come with a selection of resources and kit.


Our biggest resource however is our fantastic team. 



Clear Choice Training is committed to tutor-led Courses by a team with real experience of relevant work environments. Clear Choice is currently working with both public and private sector organisations. We pride ourselves on a truly hands on and customer centred approached to delivery which has seen successful results across our range of courses. 


 We work with our clients to offer a truly fit for purpose product that is delivered in the workplace on the shop floor to allow them to build the skills they need to work safely and efficiently. 


We believe 100% in making training an interactive and stimulating experience. By helping to motivate and empower your people, Clear Choice Training aims to add value to your team through confidence, achievements and positive progression.


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